Burger Wisconsin Menu [Updated 2024]

Burger Wisconsin Menu

Burger Wisconsin Menu: In the realm of hamburgers, there are a gazillion alternatives available.Burger Wisconsin, on the other hand, is a shining example of excellence, flavor, and creativity.

This post will go into great detail on what makes Burger Wisconsin menuspecial, look into its fascinating past, sample some of the mouthwatering options, and talk about its dedication to sustainability.

Burger Wisconsin

Crown Burgers Menu With Prices

Crown Burger’s menu boasts a delectable and light burger selection. Options include the Cheeseburger at $6.95, the signature Crown Burger at $9.43, and the Double Cheeseburger, also priced at $9.43.

If you’re a fan of fries, you’re in for a treat! The menu features various types, including cheese fries, onion fries, regular fries, and chicken strips, among others.

For a detailed list of Crown Burger’s menu prices and convenient online ordering links, please scroll down.

Picked For You Menu With Prices


Onion Rings$ 5.89
Crown Burger$ 9.43
Gyro$ 8.25

Burgers Menu with Prices

Chicken Gyro$ 8.48
Grilled Ham & Cheese$ 7.30
Bacon Cheese Burger$ 8.60
Cheese Burger$ 6.95
Double Cheese Burger$ 9.43
Crown Burger$ 9.43
Hamburger$ 6.36
Double Hamburger$ 8.25

Drinks Menu With Prices

Bottle Bottle$ 1.48

Fries & Salad Menu With Prices

Fries$ 4.12
Onion Rings$ 4.59
Chicken Strips$ 4.12
Cheese Fries$ 5.89
Sweet Potato$ 5.06
Baklava$ 3.48

Salad Menu With Prices

Greek Gyro Salad$ 13.68
Dinner Salad$ 6.60
Greek Chicken Salad$ 13.68
Greek Salad$ 10.84
Chicken Salad$ 11.55

How To Order Online From Crown Burgers?

To order online from Crown Burgers, follow these simple steps:

Visit Crown Burger’s official website: Go to the official website of Crown Burgers, or you can use a food delivery app that partners with Crown Burgers.

Choose your location: Select the nearest Crown Burgers location from the available options. This ensures that your order will be prepared at the closest restaurant.

Browse the menu: Explore the menu to find your favorite items. You can select burgers, fries, salads, drinks, and any other offerings that catch your eye.

Add items to your cart: Click on the items you want to order and add them to your cart. You can specify any customizations or special requests at this stage.

Review your order: Once you’ve added all your desired items, review your order in the cart to ensure everything is correct.

Crown Burgers Franchising Details

Crown Burgers currently operates seven locations in the United States.

If you’re interested in owning a franchise, please note that they are not currently offering franchise opportunities.

However, should they decide to offer franchises in the future, we will promptly update this article with the latest information.

Crown Burgers Contact Information

Crown Burgers Corporate Office Address: 377 East 200 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Crown Burgers Corporate Office Phone Number: (801) 532-1155

Important links

Official Website crownn-burgers.com

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Burger Wisconsin is a go-to spot for burger lovers seeking high-quality, customizable, and delicious burgers, with a welcoming atmosphere and options for various dietary preferences.

Thank you for reading about Burger Wisconsin! I hope you find this information helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

Burger Wisconsin FAQS

What is Burger Wisconsin?

Burger Wisconsin is a popular burger restaurant chain known for its fresh and high-quality burgers made with locally sourced ingredients.

Where can I find Burger Wisconsin locations?

Burger Wisconsin has various locations in New Zealand. You can check their website or use their app to find the nearest one.

Are the burgers customizable?

Yes, you can customize your burger with a wide range of toppings, sauces, and bun options to suit your preferences.

Do they offer vegetarian options?

Yes, Burger Wisconsin offers vegetarian and vegan burger options to cater to different dietary preferences.

Is the beef locally sourced?

Burger Wisconsin prides itself on using locally sourced, fresh ingredients, including its beef.

Do they provide gluten-free buns?

Some Burger Wisconsin locations offer gluten-free bun options, but it may vary by store, so it’s best to check with your local branch.

What are their opening hours?

The opening hours vary by location, so it’s recommended to check the specific store’s hours on their website or contact them directly.

Can I order online for delivery or pickup?

Yes, you can order online for both delivery and pickup through their website or app.

Are there any special promotions or loyalty programs?

Burger Wisconsin often runs promotions and may have a loyalty program where you can earn rewards. Check their website or inquire at the store for details.

What sides and beverages do they offer?

They typically offer a variety of sides, such as fries and onion rings, as well as a range of beverages, including soft drinks and shakes.

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